“1776” Arrives on Blu-ray on June 2, 2015

John Adams - "1776".
"1776" Blu-ray box art.
“1776” Blu-ray box art.

The musical classic 1776 will arrive on Blu-ray on June 2, 2015, with a director’s and extended cut of the film included. The film revolves mostlyaround John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson and the writing of the Declaration of Independence. Filled with musical numbers, comedic moments and dispatches from George Washington to the congress, the film is a classic that was first released on November 17, 1972 and is based on the 1969 state musical of the same name. The film stars William Daniels as John Adams, Howard Da Silva as Benjamin Franklin and Ken Howard as Thomas Jefferson.

You can see an early scene from the film below.