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  • Bigfoot and Beer with Holt Boggs

    Holt Boggs had quite the year since we spoke to him last summer. He battled ghosts and creatures, braved caves and a post-apocalyptic world, entrusted his life to a furry co-star with deadly sharp teeth, and traipsed through the woods hunting Bigfoot (or was Bigfoot hunting him?). We caught up with Holt who is currently on location […]

  • BBQ and Tex-Mex : Interview with Holt Boggs

    Holt Boggs will be living out of his suitcase in the heart of Texas for the next month and a half shooting back to back films. We caught up with Holt as he prepared to embark on this crazy ride leading us through the worlds of sci-fi and the paranormal. MV : Welcome to Movie Vine, Holt! […]

  • Intensely Freaky New Trailer For Thriller Horror Film : Hostage

    I just recently watched the intensely freaky new trailer for the thriller horror film HOSTAGE. I like the trailer’ quality, the fonts, the textures, and especially Holt Boggs’ acting! He just grabs your attention, doesn’t he?! About HOSTAGE: Actor Holt Boggs plays the role of Eugene, a man trapped in his vacation cabin in the […]

  • New Poster for the Thriller Horror Film : Hostage

    Holt Boggs is a quality actor that you might not have been aware of until now. I first saw his work in The Prodigy movie years ago. He’s an intense actor who makes his roles very believable. He’s also a great guy in general. Holt told me about some of his latest film news, which […]