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  • Sons of Liberty

    Why “Sons of Liberty” Could Work as a Series

    The three part miniseries Sons of Liberty came to a conclusion on January 27, 2015, with George Washington (portrayed here by Jason O’Mara), having also been portrayed in TURN: Washington’s Spies by Ian Kahn, lead a memorable moment at the end of the finale, leaving off the miniseries just after the signing of the Declaration […]

  • “Turn” – An American Revolution Series to Premiere in 2014

    Coming in 2014 from AMC (the network that brought the world Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Walking Dead), is a series set during the American Revolution. In 1778, Abraham Woodhull is a New York farmer, who finds himself a spy for the Continental Army under orders from General George Washington. He bands together with […]

  • HBO New Series – True Detective

    True Detective is the new HBO crime drama series starring Matthew McConaughey (as Detective Rust Cohle) and Woody Harrelson (as Detective Martin Hart). The story follows the Louisiana detectives who spend nearly two decades in search of a vicious killer. Like clashing magnets the polar opposites are forced to partner while investigating a murder unlike […]

  • HBO Documentary Films – Life According to Sam

    Sam Berns is more than your average high school junior celebrating his love for music and sports. His courage, wisdom and grace far excel that of people who are two or three times his age. Tonight Sam graciously invites us into his life by sharing his struggles with progeria in the new HBO documentary Life […]

  • Review of GIRLS (HBO) : Season 2

    I have tried really hard to like season 2 of Girls. And for the most part I do. But it is the fashion in which the latter part of the season has unfurled that really has me worrying for the future of the show. And yes, I do worry about the future of shows, because […]

  • HBO Will Stay With “Game of Thrones” Till The End

    At the TCAs this week HBO Programming Presidents Michael Lombardo and Richard Plepler sat and talked with journalists about all things HBO, most notably their intention to finish Game of Thrones just as author George RR Martin intends it to. HBO fans have been burned before by the company’s early cancellation of Deadwood and Rome, and […]

  • The King’s Speech Says So Much

    Review By Lars Beckerman