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  • Love of the Lovelace: Review of New Linda Lovelace Biopic

    Every summer theater screens show a multitude of huge studio tentpoles which make a splash with their effects, their epic superhero versus alien versus other superhero battles, and of course, giant robots. And listen, I’m a mighty big fan of robots, probably more than you’d think. But this summer’s big action flicks, one of which, […]

  • Hop is hopping to DVD and Blu Ray

    Hop is an animated comedy film filled with action and adventure.  The movie is about  Mr. Bunny (Hugh Laurie), who wants his teenage son E.B. (Russell Brand) to take over the family business in running the Easter Factory.  E.B. wants to do something else, like become a drummer in a rock n roll band.  He decides to runaway […]