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  • Sony Ignores Common Sense And Hires A New Writer For “Ghostbusters 3”

    Back in March we brought you news that Bill Murray probably wouldn’t be involved with Ghostbusters 3, and since then every one has assumed that the project was dead. Ghostbusters 3 is a terrible idea to begin with, and one without the franchise’s star is just asinine. Sony has apparently decided to ignore that fact. The studio has […]

  • Dan Aykroyd Admits “Ghostbusters 3” Won’t Have Bill Murray?

    The Telegraph has a profile of Dan Aykroyd, the aging comedian that seems hell bent on resurrecting his Ghostbusters franchise. The article has a few choice quotes in reference to the long in development sequel. The last time Ghostbusters 3 was making the rounds in the rumor mill word was Bill Murray had emphatically turned down the […]

  • Will “Ghostbusters 3” Happen Without Bill Murray?

    For years, years, Dan Aykroyd has been insisting that a third entry in the Ghostbusters franchise would be on the horizon, and for a while there back in 2008 it looked like it might happen. A script was actually written (which is a huge feat for a project that has languished in development for nearly two decades) […]