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  • The Filmmaker Spotlight #2 – Martin Sheen

    This second spotlight comes from personal respect to his work and having met the talented actor, his great kindness to those around him, including his many fans and strangers alike. Martin Sheen has given audiences a wide ranging selection of good films over a long career and has captivated with roles like Josiah Bartlet in […]

  • Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez: Famous Friends of the Average Person

    I have been an avid fan of both Ramón (Martin Sheen) and Emilio Estévez since I was a young child. The two are men of great skill and projects who are, in my opinion, the best father and son team in the film industry. The two have captivated fans across the world for years and […]

  • Heart, Tragedy, Inspiration: A Review of “The Way”

    INTRODUCTION: 10/10 There is a new film being welcomed to theaters. A film of which has touched the hearts and uplifted many across the globe. A film of which can make you feel tragic mourning in your heart, yet grow with strength, virtue and joy as well. The film I refer to is the Martin […]

  • Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez: The Way

    Two great legendary inspirational figures in my life, personally as an Actor and a Writer, have been Martin Sheen (Ramón Estévez) and his son, Emilio Estevez. Their new film, The Way has been an uplifting journey to many fans and viewers who have thus far been able to witness the film. Without my own experience, […]

  • “The Way” to Open on 500 Screens

    On October 21st, 2011, Emilio Estevez’s The Way will open into theaters and bring about, in my opinion, what looks to be a film of character and heart. An original film with triumph and faults. A film of which will change the way people see others and give them something to bring home with them. […]