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  • The Greater Good with Sean Patrick Flanery

    In his twenty-six years in front of the camera Sean Patrick Flanery has tackled many roles ranging from archeologist adventurer to outlaw cowboy, blessed healer, love struck executive, bank robbing groomsman, self-help guru, and even a saint cleaning up the streets of Boston. That’s just to name a few. His characters have lived, died, loved, […]

  • Room to Breathe – An Interview with Actor Nick Gomez

    Fans of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ know him as the guy who tried to double cross Rick and took a machete blow to the skull for his trouble, but actor Nick Gomez has been steadily working in TV and movies for years. He recently sat down with Movie Vine to discuss his part on the […]

  • “Dexter” Season 6 Trailer Hits The Net

    Dexter has been a show that is frequently good and often borders on great. After a fantastic fourth season with massive deaths and a truly conniving villain, season five just didn’t bring the goods for fans of the serial killer with a heart of gold. Showtime has debuted a new trailer for the sixth season, a season […]