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  • Interview with Novelist and “Awake” Staff Writer Leonard Chang

    Leonard Chang is a novelist and staff writer on the new NBC show Awake. With a vast and intriguing life of stories, he granted me a few questions in this honored and insightful interview. KS: What first interested you in a writing career? LC: My mother was a lover of literature, studying English and American […]

  • Fans Launch Campaign to Renew “Awake” for a Second Season

    Fans of NBC‘s new show starring British actor Jason Isaacs isn’t a sure-thing for review. Worried fans have begun a campaign to help gain attention to the show and bring about the renewal for another season. The show, revolving around Detective Michael Britten (Isaacs) split between two realities. In one reality (red reality), his wife. […]

  • “Awake” is the Best Show of the Year

    One of my favorite new shows that has arrived this year is the precious gem, Awake, created by Kyle Killen. With far less viewers than it deserves, I have only been able to catch it on Hulu, but have already been indulged and enriched in a fantastic story brought to audiences by a skilled cast […]