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  • What’s Your Number? DVD Review

    Here’s another great movie to see on Valentine’s Day called (What’s your Number), this romance comedy is really fun to watch.  It has great stars like Anna Faris (Ally Darling), Chris Evans (Colin Shea),  Blyth Danner (Ava Darling), Ed Beagley Jr. (Mr. Darling), Ari Graynor (Daisy Darling), Zachary Quinto (Rick), and Andy Samberg (Gerry Perry). If you haven’t seen […]

  • What’s your Number? Is an Upcoming Film – Trailer and Poster

    What’s Your Number is the name of an upcoming comedy film that is scheduled to be released Friday, September 30th.  The story starts with one of Alley Darling’s (Anna Faris) friends reading a magazine article that warns people who had twenty or more relationships that they might have missed the chance of true love. It makes Ally look back on her […]