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  • 007 Fights Back In The Trailer For “Skyfall”

    I’ve been pretty “meh” on the Skyfall so far. The plot synopsis was underwhelming, and the first trailer easily faded from my memory. I’m on the record for not being a fan of 007,* but I can’t imagine even a super-fan would be pleased by what we’ve seen of Skyfall so far. But this trailer changes all of […]

  • 007 Is Back In The First Trailer For “Skyfall”

    I’m not the world’s biggest Bond fan, but I like what I see here. First off, the footage is beautiful. Somehow I forgot Roger Deakins was shooting this one. If anything, Skyfall will certainly be the prettiest Bond film to date. I also enjoy the quick exchange between the shrink and 007 (“Murder?” “Employment.” is […]