Titanic 3D Review

Though it never gets old seeing Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet take the screen as Jack and Rose, two unlikely star-crossed lovers, Titanic 3D unfortunately came to be a bit of a money waster.

The movie itself really does not require any updating when it comes to plot or acting, but the idea to put it into 3D didn’t seem like a bad one. Everything is 3D lately and usually it does well to bring in larger crowds. Understandable when it comes to movies first hitting the scene, but in retrospect, highly unnecessary for a timeless classic like Titanic. The saying “don’t fix it if it isn’t broken” comes to mind.

The story plays out the same. Jack, a spirited young man wins tickets aboard the Titanic’s maiden voyage, while Rose is dragged aboard by her mother and monstrous fiancé Cal Hockley. Together they strike up a romance that still brings every viewer to tears even 15 years later.

Although Titanic is a classic that I could watch a million times over, I feel a bit disappointed that I spent almost $14 to see it in 3D when the only thing 3D about it was the beginning credits. Diehard fans might argue this and it is easy to understand wanting to see such a great movie on the big screen again, but paying for the 3D is hardly worth it. In fact, not at all worth it.

By Samantha Dotson

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