There’s a new film platform online named itzon : It’s film, but different.

I thought this was pretty interesting… so thought I’d share with you… brings a huge variety of independent film to a global audience. You won’t see these fantastic films in your local multiplex cinema, they are the best of up and coming indie filmmaking talent streamed straight to your computer or Internet-ready TV. Film lovers all over the world can dive straight into to see what’s playing now on the linear stream, browse the programme guide and magazine, use the Video on Demand (VoD) service and vote on the films they love.

And the best bit? It’s FREE!

itzon is changing the face of independent film online by converging TV, Internet video and film festival with the latest in cloud and streaming technologies. The online platform provides film lovers with a huge range of independent films, documentaries and animations from around the world all scheduled into a linear stream. Providing a full-screen, high-definition ‘TV’ experience, available through an Internet browser or Internet-ready TV. The itzon team has listened to film lovers and done away with the need to sign up or log-in to watch the films they show, just go to and watch straightaway.

In addition to the free-to-view linear stream, itzon offers viewers:

– Access to amazing films that won’t come to your local cinema.

– Ease of use. There’s no need to download any special software to watch itzon, in fact you don’t even need to open an account. Viewers can just arrive and start watching great films straightaway.

– Films that are categorised by type and genre with introductions that make it easy for viewers to decide what they’d like to watch without searching through an endless library of content.

– Next-to-no buffering or stalling when you watch films on itzon (they have clever auto adaptive bandwidth detection!).

– itzonDemand, a 30-day VoD catch-up service. Viewers can either watch films from the library for free with advert breaks, or purchase credit and watch the films advert-free.

– Credit viewing as opposed to paying for a film upfront. Credit is used per minute which means viewers have the freedom to watch what they want, when they want, without having to pay upfront for a film to watch in a certain timeframe. If a viewer decides after a few minutes that the film is not for them, it will cost less than a penny/cent.

– The chance to vote on the films they love to create winners in the monthly itzon film festival.

itzon is for people who love to be at the start of something new. Whether that means itzon itself, a great new series, a hot new director or discovering and promoting a film that everybody should see. itzon is for the independent film fanatic, the mainstream film and TV lovers and the tech-savvy early adopters who are simply looking for something a little bit different.
Currently in Beta testing, itzon is preparing to launch 18th May. It’s film, but it’s different; it’s itzon.

Wendy Shepherd

Wendy Shepherd is happily married, a mom of three sons, and an entrepreneur. She's been working online since about 1997, which started as a hobby and turned into a creative career. With a passion for movies, television, music, art, technology, and more, Wendy loves to share information about inspiring people in many formats. Her experience includes a background in digital graphics, websites, publicity, social media management, marketing, online publishing, and more through Studio Matrix. She's also been an associate producer for some film projects. Buy me a coffee.
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