Martin Sheen Speaks on Capitol Hill Urging Them to Keep Drug Courts

As reported on ABC News, 70 year-old actor Martin Sheen marched to Capitol Hill to advocate to keep drug courts. Among his reasoning for this, the United States Military was mentioned in a few brief, but meaningful words.

We ask so much of our men and women in uniform, and they ask so little in return.  In fact, they are often the last to ask for counseling or treatment.  It is our duty to care for our veterans when they suffer as a direct result of their service to our country.

Sheen turns 71 in just a few days (August 3rd) and has lived a life of kindness of which inspires youth across the world as he provides care and kindness with his words and thoughts.

Article by Kale Slade

Kale Slade

Kale Slade has written for Movie Vine and Entertainment Vine for four years. Striving to do what he can to aid filmmakers in promoting and crafting their projects, he enjoys lending a hand when he can. He also enjoys horseback riding, photography, writing poetry and novels and spending time in nature, experiencing the beauties of life.
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