Underworld Awakening Review

Although no one thought it possible, Kate Beckinsale is back and sexier than ever in the fourth installment of the Underworld series. In Underworld Awakening, Selene (Beckinsale) faces a world where the human race has cracked down on the vampire and lycan species. Unfortunately, she is separated from her lover Michael Corvin (an unaccredited actor) right at the beginning of the movie and is frozen for 12 years. When she awakes she is ready to rain hell down on the humans and the lycan’s in her search for Michael.

Shot in 3D, the quality of the film is typical Underworld style: dark and grungy with enough rain to cause the audience to feel a chill. There was so much action packed into the movie that I almost couldn’t handle it. A little gorier than the last movies but with an equal amount of slow motion shots with Selene spinning through the air, double pistols in hand, Awakening is impossible not to love. The plot thickens when a little girl is thrown into the mix and the remaining vampires and lycan’s come out of hiding. Selene has her work cut out for her, but as every Underworld fan knows, she’s got it covered.

A cliffhanger ending gives us hope for a fifth movie and unlike some series of movies, a groan of discontent is replaced by an eager smile as a reaction to this news. I would even go as far as saying these movies get better and better with each new release. I would recommend anyone who loves these movies, or anyone who has a healthy love for vampires and werewolves (that don’t sparkle in the sunlight) to go out and pay the money to see this movie. It will be well worth your dollar.

By Samantha Dotson

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