Theresa Is a Mother – Review


One of the most touching and straight to the heart films, Theresa Is a Mother brings drama and human emotion to the front with its story, that follows C. Fraser Press, who also directs, as she portrays Theresa McDermott. A woman who is having quite the unfortunate time in her life.

This film is a classic as it follows Theresa, a woman that the audience can put their hearts into, as she struggles with the raising of her three children. A difficult scenario that she boldly faces. With low funds and facing being removed from her home, she has many trials that are in the way of joy.

This film gets you at your core and is well-directed, written and acted, as each of the characters mean something and have value and merit. Being forced to move back to a town, she had previously made her escape from, she struggles with a life that is similar to that of her parents.

However, she soon discovers that things have changed while she was gone. The film is crafty, creative and original. It is a glimpse into a story that feels like reality, which makes it matter that much more. I enjoyed my time with Theresa Is a Mother and I believe that audiences will find ways to relate to the film, when they see it. A lovely and original creation that brings human emotional and reality to the hearts of the viewer.

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