Review Of The Wanderlust Movie

Wanderlust is a funny comedy about a busy Manhattan couple, Linda Gergenblatt (Jennifer Aniston) and George Gergenblatt (Paul Rudd), who loses everything and is force to leave their high lifestyle behind to move to Atlanta, Georgia where George’s brother lives.  Along the way they end up at a so-called bed and breakfast called the Elysium.  Then they find out it’s really a free-spirited community of hippies, nature lovers, and the one nudist.  Linda and George decide to stay and try the new lifestyle.

I thought this movie was hilariously funny.  Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd worked great together in this movie as did the other cast members.  You could probably see yourself in some of the characters, like I did in the character of Linda as she kept changing her career ideas and wasn’t scared to try different things. There is frontal nudity and adult sexual language in this movie that is now on DVD.

By Michelle Hassenstab

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