Mutant: A Zombie B-Movie from 1984

Zombies, Vampires, and Aliens oh my… I couldn’t tell what this 1984 movie was all about.  Mutant is not your typical flesh eating corpse movie, but it does leave you guessing, wondering if these corpses are aliens, zombies, or vampires?  I thinks it’s all of the above.

It’s a low-budget movie that was released in theaters as “Night Shadows” and when it came out on video it was renamed “Mutant“.  This movie is about two brothers Josh Cameron (Wings Hauser) and Mike Cameron (Lee Montgomery) who leave the big city for a quiet relaxing vacation out in the country.  When they run into a bit of car trouble and find themselves in a small town with the locals getting a mysterious sickness that mutates them into dead looking creatures.  They feed upon their victims by sucking their blood through their hands. Also starring in this movie are: Bo Hopkins, Jennifer Warren, and Jody Medford.  If you love B-Horror movies like I do, than I recommend  you to watch this movie.

By Michelle Hassenstab

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