Film from India – “Ekanth” (Means Isolation)

“Ekanth” is a psychological drama set in the small town of Bhopal in the middle of India about a senior corporate executive who one day suddenly disappears under mysterious circumstances. As the cops launch a citywide hunt, it becomes increasing clear that the people close to him have no clue of his whereabouts or the reason behind his disappearance…

Written & Directed by Amit Mehra

Starring: Dinesh Nair, Indira Tiwari, Deepraj Rana, Swastika Chakraborty, Harish Verma, Rahul Jadhav, Saksham Sharma, Manoj Shrivastav and Seema More.

Other Key Credits:

Music: Amit Kumar Sharma (Dhrupad – Indian Classical Vocals)
Editors: Semanti SInha Ray, Hira Yadav
Cinematographer: Nishant Gala

Producers: Semanti Sinha Ray, Amit Mehra

An AMP ANGLES Production
Copyrights AMP ANGLES 2012.

Shot on Location in Bhopal, State of Madhya Pradesh, India.
Running Time: 15 min
Language: Hindi (with English Subtitles)
Year of Production: 2011/2012
Year of Release: 2012

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