Dark Knight Rises: Trailer 4

Another full length trailer has arrived online for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, in what is being promoted as a ‘Nokia‘ exclusive. Initial concerns of course arise from the possibilities of spoiling more of the film’s content. Yet thankfully it doesn’t go the ‘Prometheus‘ route and reveal lots of goodies, and instead rather opts to flesh out the scenes that have already been revealed. Consequently the action is slightly more exposed than ever before. Complimenting the rest of the promotional material, this really goes out of its way to present how epic this picture is going to be, however the focus here is Bane. Throughout he brawls, assaults and demolishes without mercy, but one interesting line is when he exclaims ‘Mr Wayne’, which is cut as he encounters Batman. In relation to the comics Bane does eventually discover Batman’s real identity, but this could be a playful tease as we know Bane interacts with both Batman and Bruce in the film, but you never know.

By Elliot McIntosh

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