Interview With Gerard Garilli

Gerard Garilli is a filmmaker and writer. His latest film is named Fratello. It’s a gritty, realistic raw & intense drama that follows two brothers who look to escape town with no money & no vehicle after getting involved in a life changing hit and run accident. MovieVine talked with Gerard a bit about film and more below..

Gerard Garilli

Kale: What first interested you in film?

Gerard: What first interested me was developing & making my own film. I’ve watched many films over the years & I wanted to create my own film, set it in my hometown of New Jersey & just follow through with it.

Kale: Who were your filmmaking role models growing up?

Gerard: My filmmaking role models growing up were Gus Van Sant, Martin Scorsese & Trey Parker & Matt Stone. I remember when I was 11 years old & my dad took me to to see Good Will Hunting in the movie theatre & I was just blown away with excitement & ambition. I wanted to create stories that had effect on people the same way Good Will Hunting did for me.

Kale: What are your favorite films and TV series?

Gerard: My favorite films are: Good Will Hunting, My Own Private Idaho, Taxi Driver, American Beauty, The King of Comedy & One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. 3B. My favorite TV Series are The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Freaks & Geeks, The Wonder Years & Lucky Louie * I’m drawn into anything with a story.

Kale: What is your favorite part of the filmmaking process?

Gerard: My favorite part of the filmmaking process is having an audience see your work. Whether it’s the actual film or trailer. You can sit back & watch the audience view it. Most importantly you’re known for that specific project & you can say to yourself “Wow that’s mine & I created that”.

Kale: Who are some artists that you’d love to work with one day?

Gerard:I’d love to work with Ben Affleck. I really feel like he’s on top of his game right now. Darren Aronofsky is a genius. I also think Louie CK is a really talented dude who I’d love to collaborate with. I love how he mixes Comedy & Drama on his new series. The same goes for the Coen Brothers. Robert DeNiro as well just because he’s my favorite actor of all time.

Kale: What is your method for getting into the job and focusing on it during filming?

Gerard: It can be hard sometimes to zone in. Giving that Fratello was low budget I was lead actor, writer, producer, casting director & location supervisor which was a lot on my plate. I think the most important thing to do is relax & say to yourself I’m making a movie because at the end of the day not many people can say they are doing that.

Kale: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Gerard: In 5 years I see myself having one of my films screen at a major film festival like TriBeCa, SXSW or Toronto. I’d also like to be working with great visionary directors as an actor.

Kale: What is the best way for you to connect with your fans?

Gerard: I think the best way to communicate with fans is social media. We are lucky in this day & age to have access to social media. Directors like William Friedkin & Francis Ford Coppola who I admire very much didn’t have that outlook. So us new age Filmmakers are very lucky in that matter to get our work out there.

Kale: Can you tell us about some of your upcoming projects?

Gerard: I’m working on two things right now. I’m working on a TV Sitcom pilot & a Feature Film. I don’t want to give the plots away just yet because there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Kale: My last question, what advice would you give to other artists looking to hone their craft?

Gerard: My advice is to just do it. For Filmmakers just be brave & do it. As long as you got a good story, you need to trust your source & go do it. As for other artists just make sure your passionate & go for it. The only thing stopping you is yourself.

*Fratello is now available to purchase on DVD on Amazon & CreateSpace. The film is closing in on a North America distributor where you can view the film pretty much everywhere.

Kale Slade

Kale Slade has written for Movie Vine and Entertainment Vine for four years. Striving to do what he can to aid filmmakers in promoting and crafting their projects, he enjoys lending a hand when he can. He also enjoys horseback riding, photography, writing poetry and novels and spending time in nature, experiencing the beauties of life.
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