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  • Cosmopolis Teaser Seismically Shifts Critics Perceptions About Robert Pattinson

    Revolutions are usually bloody affairs. Sweaty, shouty, violent things that leave a grim taste in the mouth. But sometimes, just sometimes, they’re golden. March 22 was such a day. That was the day, of course, that the online release of David Cronenberg’s first Cosmopolis teaser 180’d the majority critical perception of Robert Pattinson. Critics, film […]

  • 8th Annual Almost Famous 48 Hour Film Festival February 2012

    From the Inside….Looking Out! By Kimber Leigh -Special to the Glendale Daily Planet Still posters on display in the theatre lobby – one from each top 20 film. Photo by Kimber Leigh As Jae Staats, Director of the Almost Famous Film Festival, puts together last minute touches the night before the screening, he reveals the […]

  • Short Film Review: Zombie Chronicles: The Infected

    If director Marvin Suarez set out to make a comedy with his 26 minute film Zombie Chronicles: The Infected, then bravo, but the sad reality is that he actually set out to make a genuine horror film. Referred to as the most anticipated zombie film of 2010 (anticipated by who, nobody knows), Zombie Chronicles: The Infected is […]

  • Short Film Review: The Misogynist

    Harlan (Pascal Yen-Pfister) is a photographer with the photographer’s equivalent of ”writer’s block”. He lacks inspiration in his work as of late. He needs something fresh and vital to shoot, so he decides to get personal and begins taking pictures of his wife (Rhea Sandstrom) in poses that are very personal. These are poses that may […]

  • Pilot Review: Overcrowded

    Imagine a sitcom where you had four characters who had the persona and intelligence of Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld? That’s pretty much what you get with All Things Random’s 2009 comedy pilot Overcrowded, about four such people. Unfortunately, the laughs in Overcrowded don’t even come close to the laughs earned in the now classic Jerry […]

  • Interview With Timothy J. Cox

    It’s quite difficult to categorize Timothy J. Cox, except to say that he is a “scene stealer.” In roles large and small, clean shaven, mustached and / or bearded, the 35 year old character actor, with his stocky physique, twinkling eyes and kindly demeanor can play just about anything and has illustrated his diversity of […]

  • The Fandom Menace

    Before you ask, no, I did not make a mistake with the title. This isn’t an article about Star Wars, though nothing tops Star Wars. However, this is about FANDOM.  See, fandom basically consists of people who share a mutual love for something, they usually refer to their close-knit groups as families, where they can […]

  • With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

    It feels rather strange to quote poor uncle Ben, but the man did have a point. Some celebrities forget that being “famous” is not synonymous with “free ticket to screw up royally and get away with it”. Despite these celebs being a more vocal group, there are a selected few who don’t take their fame for granted and love […]

  • American Horror Story : True, Entertaining Psychological Horror

    I was thinking a while back, when shows such as Once Upon A Time and Grimm were announced, if we’re going to turn a new leaf, going for a softer side as far as entertainment is concerned, perhaps in response to all the zombie/vampire shows that have taken over lately. And then I watched American […]

  • Short Film Review: Terry Kendall and Orange Green (2011)

    Director Jim Jarmusch once said,’’ I have no desire to make films for any kind of specific audience. What I want to do is make films that… tell stories, but somehow in a new way, not in a predictable form, not in the usual manipulative way that films seem to on their audiences’’. Filmmakers like […]