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  • Ben Affleck to Direct Stephen King’s “The Stand”

    Warner Bros is a studio that likes to keep their directors in house and free to do as they please. They’ve staked their reputation on filmmakers like the Wachowski siblings, Clint Eastwood, and Christopher Nolan. Naturally they’ve been trying to attract new blood lately, most recently they snared Matt Reeves to handle their Twilight Zone update. […]

  • The “Pet Sematary” Remake May Have A Director

    According to Twitch, the remake of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary is ready to go with a script by Matt Greenberg, writer of the spooky 1408 and the outrageous Reign of Fire. Paramount has begun looking for a director, and first in line is Alexandre Aja, the director of last years Piranha 3D*. Pet Sematary tells of a blossoming family that moves […]

  • Universal cancels “The Dark Tower”

    Ron Howard and Imagine Entertainment have been shopping around an adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. The adaptation involves three feature films and two seasons of television, and Howard hoped to shoot the first film and season of TV during the same time period in effort to cut costs. Universal has been circling the property […]