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  • Here’s The Red Band Trailer For Spike Lee’s “Oldboy”

    The original Oldboy is a cult classic and a truly stunning motion picture with tremendous power, so I’ve been very interested in the American remake. I’d be much less interested if it was just any director taking a shot at the adaptation, but this flick’s got Spike Lee at the helm, one of the best […]

  • Josh Brolin Confirmed For Spike Lee’s “Oldboy”

    About a month back we reported on director Spike Lee taking the reigns of the Oldboy remake. Deadline has recently confirmed Lee’s involvement in the American remake, and they also know who’ll star. It’s none other than Josh Brolin, Academy Award nominated star of No Country For Old Men, True Grit, and the upcoming Men In Black […]

  • Spike Lee May Tackle The “OldBoy” Remake

    After openly complaining about the difficulty of getting a movie financed in this harsh economy, Spike Lee (Do The Right Thing, Inside Man) is biting the bullet and taking on remake duty. has the scoop that Spike Lee is strongly considering taking the reigns of “OldBoy,” the American remake of the Park Chan-Wook film of the same […]