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  • The Filmmaker Spotlight #4 – Sam Borowski

    A director that has the skill to become a legend. With uplifting films of heart and integrity, I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and care put into the films he has made, as they are independent films done to a Hollywood quality. One of the things in this director’s films that has been […]

  • Sam Borowski Wins Best Director Award at Golden Door International Film Festival

    A film of which has given me great wisdom and pleasure and gratitude of the elderly, was Sam Borowski‘s Night Club. A film that has touched audiences around and has captivated many to help give strength and support to those in need. For his skill in direction of Night Club, the film of which has […]

  • “Night Club” (2011) – An Exclusive Review

    INTRODUCTION: Exceptional, wondrous, entertaining and awe-inspiring are but a few words I can muster in describing Night Club, a film produced and directed by Sam Borowski, written by Larry Delrose and Tom Hass and starring a great cast of characters. This is a great and joyful film; an inspiration to the youth and the elderly […]