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  • HBO New Series – True Detective

    True Detective is the new HBO crime drama series starring Matthew McConaughey (as Detective Rust Cohle) and Woody Harrelson (as Detective Martin Hart). The story follows the Louisiana detectives who spend nearly two decades in search of a vicious killer. Like clashing magnets the polar opposites are forced to partner while investigating a murder unlike […]

  • “The Lincoln Lawyer” to Become TV Series

    After 2011’s The Lincoln Lawyer with Matthew McConaughey garnered moderate success, the novel series has been revamped to become a TV series from ABC, provided the pilot performs well. The series has five novels, including The Lincoln Lawyer, providing plenty of story-lines to include in the new series. Here’s The Lincoln Lawyer book synopsis: Mickey […]

  • “The Lincoln Lawyer” (2011) – A Review

    I realize I was a few months late in seeing the film, but I am glad I did. This is one of the most amazing films of the year. Matthew McConaughey gives an exceptional performance as the lawyer Michael “Mickey” Haller. His performance feels worthy of an Academy Award® Nomination. The film opens with McConaughey […]