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  • Here’s the trailer from the movie Jeff Who Lives At Home

    Jeff Who Lives At Home is a comedy movie about two brothers, who are dealing with their own personal issues.   Jeff (Jason Segel) is one of the brothers who is a slacker and still lives at home with his mom.  His brother Pat (Ed Helms) a salesman who is having a mid-life crisis and buys a new sports car […]

  • The Trailer for Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

    The creators that brought you Despicable Me, brings you a classic tale from one of Dr. Seuss’  books, called The Lorax.  It’s about of a twelve year old, who lives in a town that is made of plastic.  He seeks to win the affection from a girl that he likes.  He finds a furry forest creature (The Lorax) who […]