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  • “Cowboys and Aliens” Hits Blu Ray on December 6th

    Universal has released info on the Cowboys and Aliens home video release: This summer’s movie event becomes the holiday season’s must-own Blu-ray™ as a lone gunslinger leads an uprising against an alien threat in the explosive, stunningly-imagined film, Cowboys & Aliens.   A blazingly original, cross-genre adventure from acclaimed director Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Iron Man 2) and […]

  • Another “Smurfs” Film Is Happening

    Everyone was surprised when The Smurfs edged out Cowboys and Aliens when it came to box office gross. Cowboys and Aliens had an all-star cast and a director on the cusp of A-list status behind it, while The Smurfs just had Katy Perry and Hank Azaria to brag about. Now, two weeks later, Smurfs are hot […]

  • Weekend Box Office: Smurfs and Aliens Tie For Number One

    The weekend estimates are in, and surprisingly enough The Smurfs has tied with Cowboys and Aliens for first place. Industry analysts were projecting a $28 million take for the latest family film, so this is something of a pleasant shock for Sony, who is surely prepping their “#1 Movie in America!” ads as I type. […]

  • Boredom and Frustration: A “Cowboys and Aliens” Review

    I wrote a lot of great things last week about Captain America, and I still maintain that it is an absolutely perfect piece of popcorn entertainment: tightly paced, well cast, and, most importantly, well written. Captain America represents everything that’s great about summer movies. Cowboys and Aliens is everything wrong about them. Anytime a live […]

  • “Cowboys & Aliens” (2011) – A Trailer Review

    A film that has struck my attention for months now of which trailer I had failed to write a review for is Cowboys & Aliens, a 2011 film starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. The film revolves in the 1800s around Craig’s character not remembering what has happened to him, awakening with a mysterious device […]