Good Ol’ Boy Film : World Premiere

Roni Akurati and Brighton Sharbino
Good Ol' Boy Poster
Good Ol’ Boy Poster

Good Ol’ Boy is an independent feature film having its world premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival. The event for  to a sold out crowd on opening night. Check the location and event schedule here.

Here’s the synopsis:

Good Ol’ Boy is the feel-good, coming-of-age story of Smith, a 10-year-old boy from India growing up in Small Town, America in 1979.

As the boy’s family tries to straddle the fine line between embracing the American Dream and preserving their Indian heritage, we watch our awkward little hero sneak out for a taste of Kentucky Fried Chicken (even though his family is vegetarian), don a ‘Saturday Night Fever’ costume, and contend with his parents as they send him to school with a yellow squash instead of a pumpkin to carve for Halloween.

And as Smith falls head-over-heels in love with Amy, the girl-next-door, he finds in Amy’s father Butch the all-American cowboy he wishes his own father could be. But alas, when Smith goes on a hunting adventure with Butch, Smith’s father Bhaaskar fears Smith will lose any hope of remaining a respectable Indian boy and banishes him back to India. Nineteen years later Smith will return to America, back to a place he once called home.

Good Ol’ Boy stars Jason Lee (My Name Is Earl) as Butch Brunner, Anjul Nigam (Bad Words) as Bhaaskar Bhatnagar, Roni Akurati (Another Period) as Smith Bhatnagar, Hilarie Burton (One Tree Hill) as Nancy Brunner, Brighton Sharbino (The Walking Dead) as Amy Brunner, Poorna Jagannathan (Delhi Belly) as Nalini Bhatnagar, Shoba Narayanan (Gossip Girl) as Asha Bhatnagar, Jake Busey (Starship Troopers) as Officer Dick, Samrat Chakrabarti (Waiting City) as Older Smith Bhatnagar, Tim Guinee (Iron Man 1 & 2) as Officer Bob, and Alison Wright (The Americans) as Mrs. Reynolds.

Good Ol’ Boy is directed by Frank Lotito. Written by Gregory Scott Houghton, Anjul Nigam and Paul Quinn. Produced by Anjul Nigam, Frank Lotito and Steve Staka. By Brittany House Pictures in association with Emedia Films and Quixotic Road.

As we all await the full release of Good Ol’ Boy to the world, you can keep updated by checking in on the social media outlets for the film on Twitter and Facebook. Many of the cast can be found on the following Twitter profiles: Starring @AnjulNigam @BriSharbino @RoniAkurati @PoornaJags @tweetsamrat @TheJakeBusey @TimGuinee @AlisonWright Dir. @franklotito.

In the meantime, take a look at some images from the film below…