Disclosure Policy

Content provided on this website, including reviews, may have a material or affiliate connection.

Material example: a product may have been sent in exchange for a review of the product. Even though this has no impact on the opinion of the person who wrote the review, this site is required by law to state that a product of value was given in exchange for the review. This site generally does not return the products it reviews to the marketing companies or brand companies who send the products. This is not the case on all reviews posted on this website, but some reviews may be from products given as gifts for review by a marketing company.

Affiliate example: links provided to purchase products that are mentioned in reviews, etc. may sometimes be compensated with affiliate commissions, such as a percentage of sale, for referring people to purchase products through an online store, if they do buy through the link. The affiliate links are generally provided within or just after the post about the product.

Please note that no advertiser will influence the content or reviews posted on this site.

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