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Please fill in the form below to contact Movie Vine. *Please note, Movie Vine requires EXCLUSIVE content (articles, interviews, reviews, etc), meaning an exact article can’t be published anywhere else. Due to the high volume of entertainment material received, you may or may not hear back from Movie Vine. We occasionally review independent and short films… but we generally focus on films of high quality or ones that really interest us.

We also do NOT usually cover movie fundraising campaigns. We’d prefer to cover a movie that has funding and is in the production process or finished. You can however, buy a featured spot or buy advertising to reach our readers. We simply receive too many fundraising requests and don’t have enough writers to cover this type of news currently.

Please also send photographer / videographer copyright release forms that allow Movie Vine to publish the images and/or videos for free indefinitely, with photographer / videographer credit noted.

Movie Vine is based in Maryland, but the writers/editors are located in various places around the world.

*Disclosure: The reviews and articles published on Movie Vine by writers do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the Movie Vine owner.

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