Ready to Have Your World Rocked by A Sultry, Sexy, Succubus called “Bo?” Anna Silk and the television Series “Lost Girl” Cross All Borders Soon!

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Lost Girl” Fever is sweeping the globe! Initially felt only by Canadians it has now turned into what can be only termed a “Fandemic”. Australian Sc-fi officials are reporting their mates are succumbing already based on first viewing results and Syfy will be releasing it on the American viewing public in the near future.

So what is causing this to happen and is it preventable, simply put no! In what can be described as Goth /Occult meet “Moonlighting” premised on mythology, folklore “Lost Girl “ Is a high risk, high reward program which throws convention out the window! The dialogue is sharp and witty, double edged innuendo abounds, a sexual smorgasbord for all tastes is always open and other out of world guests are dropping in on a moments notice.

Leading us is the heroine Bo (Anna Silk). Bo has lived an average, normal life, feeling great about herself until her first sexual encounter with her boyfriend turns deadly. That is because she has literally drained the life out of him. In rapid order she discovers she was adopted and her birthmother was not like other mothers at all. In fact she is a succubus and must now feed off the sexual energy of humans to survive.

Bo discovers she is one of the Fae (known as Dark or Light Fae two distinct entities) creatures of lore and legend whose appearance is human but secretly have been feeding on them as they have for millennia. Both groups vie for her allegiance but. Bo declines and is on the hunt for her mother to unlock secrets from her past. She decides to stay neutral and try’s to save humans along her journey!

Lost Girl co-stars Kris Holden-Ried as Dyson, a shape-shifting Fae, homicide detective and Bo’s love interest; Ksenia Solo as Kenzi, Bo’s human confidante and street-smart survivor; Zoie Palmer as Lauren, a human doctor who competes for Bo’s heart; Rick Howland as Trick, the mysterious owner and bartender at The Dal Riata tavern, with a secretive past that is yet to be unlocked, and K.C. Collins as Hale, a handsome male “Siren” who is the eternal bachelor, ultimate wingman and Dyson’s partner on the force **

“Lost Girl” premiered (season one) in September 2010 on Showcase and thanks to a massive promotion blitz hit the ground running with the fans joining in the race in record numbers. Week after week (for all 13 episodes) the numbers rocketed and by the season finale “Lost Girl” was the No.1 ranked scripted drama series of all specialty channels. Nominations for the Gemini’s (Canadian Oscars) are out in August and a major buzz is calling for “Lost Girl” to be nominated for a few at least. Lost Girl is in production working on season two which called for 13 new episodes but then it was announced Showcase has ordered 9 more episodes. Season two will now consist of 22 shows.

Given the runaways number “Lost Girl” posted last year it make sense that other suitors became interested. At the head of the queue was Syfy. Thomas Vitale, Executive Vice President, Programming and Original Movies, Syfy, said “In one year, Lost Girl has electrified viewers in Canada and around the world, We’re delighted to bring this fascinating , high- Octane series, which depicts a unique worlds and memorable heroine, to the Syfy audience.” Syfy will be broadcasting season one and two of “Lost Girl” on a schedule to be forthcoming.

Comic-Con fans are in for a treat as Lost Girl succubus, Bo (played by Anna Silk) leads a panel discussion at the highly regarded event along with Emmanuelle Vaugier who stars as “The Morrigan”, the leader of the Dark Fae. Joining Anna and Emmanuelle on Friday, July 22 at 7:30pm room 24 ABC are Executive Producer Jay Firestone (Prodigy Pictures) and Creator, Michelle Lovretta. A limited edition of the Lost Girl comic book, a prequel to the series, will be given out at this year’s Comic-Con panel.


Anna Silk has been in many Films and worked with people like George Clooney, Gemini nominated for best Guest Star in her role as Cassidy on “Being Erica,  now of course as Bo on “Lost Girl”. Her first big break came courtesy of a Nicoderm patch commercial where she played the whacked –out role as a frustrated flight attendant (Deb) which was tremendously received. She enjoys keeping in touch with her fans and has just opened a site

To follow her on Twitter  @Anna_Silk

I had the chance to ask Anna a couple of questions recently but not wanting to spoil anything for viewers who will be watching Season One we talked about two things:

Jim: Great news Anna about Syfy, what are your thoughts on this?

Anna Silk:” I was so happy to hear that we were picked up by Syfy! I think it is a great network and I am pleased that “Lost Girl” will get to reach a whole new audience. I don’t think that Syfy fans will be disappointed.”

Jim: You are going to Comic-Con in San Diego! How great is that?

Anna Silk: It will be great, what an honor and I am going there with some great people and we will be together on a panel. So many people attend, it will be amazing !

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