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  • Fox’s “Daredevil” Remake Is Dead

    Just weeks ago we reported that Marvel and Fox were negotiating to give Marvel rights to Galactus in exchange for an extension on Fox’s rights to Daredevil. Apparently the studios’ talks seem to not work out since Joe Carnahan, the director tapped to bring Daredevil to the screen, tweeted up a bit of a storm yesterday: The […]

  • The “Daredevil” Reboot Needs A New Director

    There are people out there who’ll argue that the director’s cut of Daredevil is a much better film than the one released in theaters. Those people are wrong. Nothing about 2003’s Daredevil is any good, nor does it do the comic justice. Matt Murdock has always been a C-grade hero at best, but there are some unique qualities he […]