With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility


It feels rather strange to quote poor uncle Ben, but the man did have a point. Some celebrities forget that being “famous” is not synonymous with “free ticket to screw up royally and get away with it”. Despite these celebs being a more vocal group, there are a selected few who don’t take their fame for granted and love to give something back, not only to their fans, but to others as well.

Cue my story about Misha Collins, who earlier this year had a huge campaign that drew funds for Haiti, where a community centre and an orphanage were built (on a largely fan-funded project) and who seems to rely on his hoards of fans to help others in need, rather than to advance his career.

This year the same Misha  has banded his fans together in organizing GISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World’s Ever Seen), an event that will make his loyal followers happy, will be breaking a world record and will give a lucky team the possibly to win a free three day trip to Rome where they would get to meet the man himself. I guess he thinks it’s time to give something back to his “minions”, as he, affectionately (I hope)  calls his fans. That or he really wants to break that world record.

After months of teasing about what GISHWHES might be and thousand of people banging their heads against walls of different textures in utter frustration, Misha Collins revealed that his latest project was dedicated to breaking the world record for largest international scavenger hunt ever.  According to the Supernatural actor, only +500 teams were needed to break the current record,  over 6000 fans joined in. Is it a good idea? Is too much trust placed upon Misha Collins and his  antics? Will it bring people together or tear them apart?

I’ve asked around and this is what some of the participants said about GISHWHES : “It is an interesting endeavour that is much more far reaching than the rhino experiment”. (@LisaMack324)

“I think it’s a good idea, it brings people closer. And first mission is to find someone online by a name. 😀 I’m doing it now..We have to work together as a team from different countries, never met, never talked..different time-zone. It’s an operation A.” (@kogitoast)

“Anything @mishacollins decides to start is always a good idea. 😉 #GISHWES” (@sarah_michele21)

“I’m slightly scared and excited at the same time lol” (@LarissaaaaaSN)

I’ve looked up some of the rules of GISHWHES and I can see the reason to be scared – Any and all attire is allowable except for Ponchos and ascots. No Ponchos for 8 days? Horror.

Only time will tell if GISHWHES will be a wonderful success story or a complete failure, but the point remains, 10 people who’ve never met with one another, never had any contact, will suddenly be forced to interact, to help each other, even if it’s just through a computer screen. The sense of camaraderie, whether it’s wanted or not, will start to build and as Kogitoast put it – people will be brought together. Perhaps GISHWHES is less of a scavenger hunt and more of a team building exercise.

If the world implodes or not under the weight of GISHWHES we’ll know in about 9 days when the winner will be announced and one of the 600 teams will be flown to Rome for a spaghetti dinner with Misha. Winners and losers alike will leave this experience with 9 new friends (or mortal enemies, not everyone gets a happy ending) and the sense of having joined in something that broke a world record and that’s something few can say.

by Cristina Daniela



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