My experience in film.


Since 2007, I have yearned to become majorly involved in film. I have met great people over my 4 years of this. In 2010, the first film I became involved with (as Executive Marketing Assistant) was released. A film by the title of Double Negative, it was my first attempt to gain experience.

In the last year I have have the honor and privilege to speak with notable filmmakers including, Martin Sheen (The West Wing), Lee Arenberg (Pirates of the Caribbean 1-3), Martin Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean 1-3) and Terry Rossio (Pirates of the Caribbean 1-4). These men have given me great advice.

With the help of Wendy Shepherd, I have been given the chance at my love for writing with published articles, review and stories on this site. I have enjoyed this privileged and look to continue on for as many years as she would allow.

It is an uncertain future…but I have the faith, commitment and want to gain much notability to be able to reach my great role models and to become a success and show the world the good man inside me. With film, I can help the world as I wish to do all I can to create stories of faith and guidance in dark times.

In my 18 years of life, I have learned the morals of which I use today and even though in the past I have made mistakes, my friends are beside me and trust me. Film is beautiful thing, full of love and grace and an ability to teach.

Story by Kale Slade