“X-Men: First Class” (2011) – A Review

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Vicious, comedic, revamped and fresh can describe this latest and new entry into the X-Men film franchise. X-Men: First Class, the fifth in the series and second chronologically relaunches the characters of the past with style and sheds new light on the origins of notable characters include Professor X and Magneto.

The film introduces us to a young Charles and Erik with its opening. Charles is born into a rich life and is gifted with telekinetic powers while Erik as a youth was faced with the hardships of a Nazi Concentration Camp. His powers are brought out by Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon).

Years later, a young Erik (Michael Fassbender) meets a young Charles (James McAvoy) and a friendship forms. Erik and Charles must join together to stop Shaw from destroying all of humanity to bring forth the age of mutants, a gifted new species in the stage of evolution.

With the help of young recruits, Professor X and Magneto must faces a great challenge that will form who they are to become in the future.

The film features cameos from other mutants and past actors/actresses from previous films.

Overall, the film is a great way to give fresh light on a series I grew up with. With the potential for sequels, this film can become a great branch of a franchise on its own and bring some back-story and origin to these great characters.


Review by Kale Slade

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