“Thor” (2011) – A Review


Though I saw the film over a month ago, I am just now writing this review. Apologies for the delay.

Thor is the fourth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe which also includes, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2 and at least two other upcoming films (Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers).

Thor begins on Earth with a lightning cloud and a man being hit by a vehicle. The man we soon discover is Thor Odinson (Chris Hemsworth).

Thor is an Asgardian Prince. He is the son of Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and the brother of Loki (Tom Hiddleston). Thor journeys on a quest to another planet to confront the Ice Giants after they invade Asgard.

There is a problem with the mission and thus, Thor is banished to Earth, where the film begins. He soon meets Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) who helps guide him on this new planet.

The film is a great addition to the series and builds characters and readies us more for The Avengers. The cast is superb and the crew did a fantastic job.


Review by Kale Slade