Red Riding Hood (2011) – A Review


Review by Kaleb Andrew Paul Wilson

Being surprised by another film I had not looked into, my friend had decided to view Red Riding Hood. A dark film based on the original tale of which many know of.

The film is based around a wolf that terrorizes a town. Without going into far too much detail, I can reveal that Gary Oldman, in a great portrayal and execution, portrays Father Solomon, a man bent on killing the wolf, no matter what the cost.

The film has great music, good effects and good acting. The film is filled with various flaws including a dream sequence which felt as if it had no effect on the plot. A sequence that was added to tribute the original story.

Overall, the film is a good popcorn flick that can be viewed as a back-up to a more major film.

Rating: 7/10

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