Rango Movie Review


Review by Kaleb Andrew Paul Wilson

After venturing today to the local movie theater and taking a seat inside a packed room, Auditorium 1, with mostly young children and myself, with a few family members, the film Rango started to play.

Without spoiling anything, after a wild, wacky, hilarious thrill ride, I left the theater after enjoying an adventure about a tiny lizard with a big heart. Rango, here portrayed by Johnny Depp, was a nervous and cowardly lizard who stepped into his boots (literally) and grew to be brave.

This western epic set in the modern-day, yet not so modern for animals, desert was a hoot and a classic at worst, masterpiece at best. In animation, this is an advance in film and entertainment. I look forward to news of a sequel, as I read that it may be granted one, likely depending on box office success, which in it’s first weekend has managed to gross $38,000,000, as well as the largest opening of 2011.

Children, teenagers, adults, elders, this film is a blast and a popcorn flick that you’ll be sure to love and if not, I humbly apologize for the recommendation.

Rating : 10/10

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