National Treasure is a winning movie


We went to see National Treasure today. If you can believe this, we were a party of 6 people who had the WHOLE movie theater to ourselves! I can tell you this… National Treasure is a winning movie in our opinion! This movie didn’t provide any major violence, sex, or such and it was a great movie! People really need more of this type of movie!

National Treasure stars Nicholas Cage. This film was nicely done and didn’t give you any ideas of “What comes next”. We were surprised each step of the way. Bravo to the writers, directors, producers, actors, etc!

Here is what was previously written about the movie:

I am ready for this treasure hunt! Doesn’t everyone love to search for treasures? Mystery, clues, suspense, and discovery! Who could ask for anything more?

A secret from our nation’s past leads to the greatest adventure in history. Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage) is a third-generation treasure hunter who’s been searching all his life for the greatest treasure the world has ever known, one hidden by our Founding Fathers, who left tantalizing clues in plain sight. His journey leads him to the last place anyone thought to look: a map hidden on the back of the Declaration of Independence. But what he thinks is the end of his adventure is just the beginning, as he realizes that in order to protect the world’s greatest treasure from his nemesis (Sean Bean), he must do the unthinkable: steal the most revered, closely guarded document in American history before it falls into the wrong hands, and decipher the clues that will unlock this 2,000 year-old mystery.