“Larry Crowne” (2011) – A Review


A quick note, I found myself reviewing many things as 10/10 and with this review I have separated reviews into categories as to average out ratings to make it simpler.


Larry Crowne is a Tom Hanks directorial masterpiece. His second film directing is one of his best in acting.

PLOT: 8.5/10

The plot is revolves around Larry Crowne (Hanks) being fired from his job due to a lack of college education. He soon enrolls in college and become involved with a class by the name of Speech 217. The class has a total of 10 students being taught by a less-than-thrilled teacher (Julia Roberts) who Larry eventually falls for.

MUSIC: 9/10

The music went along well with the film and at a moment in the film, there is a song that plays to a grand comedic effect of which I will not spoil.

CAST: 9.5/10

Each role was acted out with the best of potential and was performed well. The students in the class had great humorous moments and Larry’s biker gang was well chosen to look the part. Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts performed to their best and the chemistry was well received. Bryan Cranston performed a great comedic role as the husband on Julia Roberts’ character.

TOTAL: 9/10

The film was an overall blast to see and a grand comedy. This is easily one of my favorite films of 2011 and will be a certain addition to my collection of DVDs and Blu-rays.

Review by Kale Slade