Universal cancels “The Dark Tower”


Ron Howard and Imagine Entertainment have been shopping around an adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. The adaptation involves three feature films and two seasons of television, and Howard hoped to shoot the first film and season of TV during the same time period in effort to cut costs.

Universal has been circling the property for months, but word today leaked that Universal has passed. The studio has been playing tight with their money for some time now, and even the chances they’ve taken recently (Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Land of the Lost, Paul) haven’t paid off well for them. Bottom line is Dark Tower could bankrupt them if they fail. Howard and Co. can still bring their proposal to other studios, and Deadline reports executives at Warner Bros are thinking of taking the ambitious project on board.

King’s Dark Tower is a seven part series of fantasy novels, and Warner Bros have proven to be quite successful when it comes to these things. We’ll report more news as the story develops.