Top 60 Actors Chosen By Movie Vine Viewers


No matter if it’s a big time studio movie or a small independent film, talented actors make an impact on the audience in one way or another. I’ve asked around to gather names of favorite actors, and I was surprised… I see names big and small. I decided not to make a top 10 or rank each person. I’ll list the actors alphabetically. I just want to share with you the results of Movie Vine viewers choices, so the list has 60 fellows … (*I did star the actors who are on Officially Plugged in, so you know where to officially find them online) Next time we’ll list the top actresses. : )

Aidan Turner
Al Pacino
Allen Hyde
Andrew Garfield
Bradley Cooper
Bradley Whitford
Carlucci Weyant | Officially Plugged In
Cary Grant
Chris Hemsworth
Clifton Collins Jr | Officially Plugged In

Christopher Walken
Damian Lewis
Daniel Radcliffe
Edward Norton
Greg Kinnear
Harvey Keitel
Heath Ledger
Ian Somerhalder
Jack Nicholson
James McAvoy

James Stewart
Jason Isaacs
Jeff Daniels
Jensen Ackles
Jesse Eisenberg
Jon Seda
John Travolta
Johnny Depp
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Karl Urban

Kiefer Sutherland
Kevin McKidd
Kevin Spacey
Kiernan Culkin
Leonardo Dicaprio
Liam Neeson
Marcel Iures
Mark Wahlberg
Martin Sheen
Matt Damon

Michael Fassbender
Michael Rooker | Officially Plugged In
Morgan Freeman
Norman Reedus | Officially Plugged In
Patrick Stewart
Paul J. Alessi | Officially Plugged In
Peter Facinelli
Phil Hartman
Rob Lowe
Robert De Niro

Robert Downey Jr.
Samuel L Jackson
Sean Bean
Sean Connery
Sean Patrick Flanery | Officially Plugged In
Shemar Moore
Timothy Olyphant
Tom Hardy
Tom Jane
Walton Goggins