“The Lincoln Lawyer” (2011) – A Review


I realize I was a few months late in seeing the film, but I am glad I did. This is one of the most amazing films of the year. Matthew McConaughey gives an exceptional performance as the lawyer Michael “Mickey” Haller. His performance feels worthy of an Academy Award® Nomination.

The film opens with McConaughey in the back of his Lincoln car where he works on his cases. Mickey is soon assigned a car of an accused rapist and attempted murder. Mickey accepts the case and quickly gets to work.

He soon finds a connection between his new client and a previous one. This is where a vicious and smart twist occurs that throws Mickey into a trap of legal proportions.

The film is a great Summer film for me, even though it was released in March of 2011. I recommend it for mature audiences who can make it with an R rating.


Review by Kale Slade