“The Adjustment Bureau” (2011) – A Review


It was another two-film movie marathon in the theater for me on May 16, 2011. I decided upon a first viewing of The Adjustment Bureau, followed by my second viewing of Battle: Los Angeles.

The film faded in and was at first, for about 2 minutes a slow-moving flick, but it kicked into gear soon after and had me pumped for what would be a terrific picture.

The film features a Congressman who wishes to become a Senator (Matt Damon). His wishes of winning are flunked at first, but he is inspired in the Men’s restroom by a beautiful, charismatic dancer (Emily Blunt).

The Congressman, David Norris, soon falls for Elise Sellas, our dancer of note, but it soon appears that it was not part of “the plan”. The plan is a written plot for the world by the Chariman and is adjusted when something is off course or not going in the right direction.

David is taken by agents of the Adjustment Bureau and told that he is not allowed to see Elise, but his heart fights this and he rebels against them, fighting to see her and to be with her, no matter what they put in his way. He is also told that if he tells anyone they exist, his memory will be wiped and he will be “reset”.

The film is a great romance story filled with plenty of action to get the heart pumping and the blood flowing. You will be on the edge of your seat wishing for David and Elise to make it out of this with their love intact.


Review by Kaleb Andrew Paul Wilson