“Source Code” (2011) – A Review


Review by Kaleb Andrew Paul Wilson

A few weeks back I returned excitedly to the movie theater. A favorite place of mine to be and more home to me than many places I can be. This time I had ventured to see three films: Source Code, Scream 4 and Battle: Los Angeles.The film begins on a train with a sudden and abrupt awakening of a United States Army Captain (brilliantly portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal).

It isn’t long after that he discovers he has been placed within another man’s body in a mind-twisting system called the Source Code. The Source Code lets you live the last 8 minutes of a person’s life.

It is at first a mystery to this young Captain as to why and how he has become a part of this program, but he is quickly tasked with finding a mastermind behind a bombing of the train he had awaken upon only moments before, his last memory being on board a helicopter.

The film from here takes a massive roller coaster of twists, turns and thrills that will leave you hanging on every moment, grasping the chance to discover how this could be possible and how the Captain will face this challenge.

Alongside this thrilling mystery mission, the Captain meets a now deceased beautiful woman (Michelle Monaghan). As he falls for her, he begins to want to save her, even though he is informed that is it impossible.

I recommend this fast-paced action ride and assure you that it is not one to miss if you enjoy a good mystery.


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