Movie Version of Marvel Comic’s THOR Moves Forward Towards Sony Production


MOVIE VINE (March 25, 2006) – has confirmed that Rikki Lee Travolta of the famous entertainment family is the top candidate for the planned film adaptation of the Marvel comic book character based on the Nordic deity.

Although many comic-to-film casting decisions are met with distain by diehard graphic novel fans, the Marvel fan community in general and the Thor-specific fans have embraced the concept of John Travolta’s nephew in the role.

“6-foot 1, muscular, long blond hair. Good choice!” summarized one fan in a recent posting.

In addition to his muscular frame and model looks, Travolta is both a Shakespearean trained actor and high decorated in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat.

According to the media reports, Travolta turned down an offer to take over the role of James Bond from Pierce Brosnan because if he was to be typecast, he preferred the idea of being typecast in a superhero. Few actors are ever accepted in more than one icon role such as James Bond or Thor.

Following the dismissal of Pierce Brosnan, the role of James Bond was first offered to Clive Owen, then Hugh Jackman, and then Travolta. All three actors turned the role down leading to the acceptance of the opportunity by Daniel Craig.

David Goyer (Blade, Batman Begins) is reporting writing the script for the initial Thor feature film for production through Sony Pictures. Goyer also has expressed an interest in directing the feature.

Written by guest writer: Craig Bernstein