Interview with Martin Klebba


Martin Klebba has quite an extensive movie list, most notably the Pirates of the Caribbean as “Marty”. Below is an interview with Martin…

When did you first want to be an actor?
Well Kaleb, I first realized I wanted to be an actor when I was a freshmen in High-school. I ended up playing the character Smee in the Spring Musical of Peter Pan.

What is your ideal film role?
I would love to play a badass gun for hire tough guy / hero.

What is your favorite role you’ve had so far?
I loved playing Pirate Marty, but I also loved playing Hank Dingo in my TV show called KNEE HIGH P.I. and I have to say I love bringing the moxi to ROLLO here in The Cape!

Have you thought often about writing films?
I don’t believe I have ever wanted to write any screenplays though.

What do you look forward to in 2011?
I’m looking forward to getting more and more viewers for The Cape and hoping to see it at least get a chance at a full season.

Who would you most wish to portray in film?
This year, I may get the chance to Play TUROLD, he was a Kings confidant back in the year 1066 and was real.

What is a hobby of yours?
Hobbies would include playing PS3/XBOX with my son when he’s in town, and also spending time with my beautiful fiance Michelle.

What is your favorite motorcycle?
Motorcycle’s hmmmm Yamaha or KTM.

What did you want to be when you were young?
I’m not sure i thought about anything as a career when i was really young til’ I hit High School.

How do you feel about having fans?
Fans….? I’m not sure an actor has those, CELEBS do, and I’m no CELEB. 🙂

Thank you, it’s great to talk to someone I admire.

You can check out Martin’s complete list of films here and his biography here.

Interview by Kaleb Andrew Paul Wilson