Glendale Arizona Internet Television Broadcasters Honored With Platinum Hermes Creative Award


Glendale, AZ: CouryGraph Productions, creator of KKAT-IPTV and Glendale Daily Planet was recently honored by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) with a Platinum Hermes Creative Award.

Hermes Creative Awards recognizes outstanding work in the industry while promoting the philanthropic nature of marketing and communication professionals.

“Our team is extremely honored by this recognition,” said Ed Sharpe, Director of CouryGraph Productions which created KKAT – IPTV for Glendale Daily Planet. “This award reflects the quality of our methodology and work of our engineering staff to implement unique and innovative streaming methods for local programming on the Internet. Sharpe continued, “I think our product is a result of the entire city’s interest, advice and participation… “ In addition, Sharpe wanted to thank Bill Schreiner, who collaborated on the engineering aspects of the site.

Bill Schreiner comments, “The Glendale Daily Planet, despite it’s whimsical name, is a serious social/technical experiment in local journalism…” He continued “The brainchild of long time Glendale resident, Ed Sharpe, The Glendale Daily Planet provides professional quality video journalism at the local level with global distribution”
Bette Sharpe explains ” I am  very pleased  that our  work has been recognized”   “I enjoy photography and it allows  me to visually tell stories that might otherwise go untold.’

Ed Sharpe elaborates “It is not just about showing news and events today… Archived footage of all of our shows will be put on file with the appropriate historical societies thus forming a ‘time capsule’ of video footage representing this time in the city’s period of dynamic growth.”READ MORE