“Battle: Los Angeles” (2011) – A Review


Review by Kaleb Andrew Paul Wilson

I now come to the final and my favorite film of the night, Battle: Los Angeles. The film is a great inspiration to me to sign up with the United States Military. It begins with a seemingly peaceful Earth with incoming apparent meteors in the atmosphere.

It is soon revealed, upon their landing, that these meteors are in fact an Alien force with intentions to invade our world. They intend to take our water and kill every human. At first it is apparent that they haven’t any Air Support, but their weapons on ground are still a mighty force.

Our hero (Aaron Eckhart) is a tough and near-retirement Marine with a dark past, but his days of war are about to be extended. He and a squad are assigned to journey into a now invaded Los Angeles to rescue civilians pinned down in a Police Station, but this is where the journey just begins.

This film literally kept me on the edge of my seat with panic and worry for the fates of the characters. I craved every minute of this action-packed blockbuster and would very much appreciate a sequel.

I recommend this to anyone with a heart for film.


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