Spike Lee May Tackle The “OldBoy” Remake


After openly complaining about the difficulty of getting a movie financed in this harsh economy, Spike Lee (Do The Right Thing, Inside Man) is biting the bullet and taking on remake duty. TwitchFilm.com has the scoop that Spike Lee is strongly considering taking the reigns of “OldBoy,” the American remake of the Park Chan-Wook film of the same name.

I’ll admit, the original “OldBoy” has been sitting in my Netflix queue for some time now, but I’ve heard nothing but good things. When Steven Spielberg and Will Smith circled the project a while back fans were livid, claiming populists Spielberg and Smith wouldn’t be able to do the dark original justice. Lee is opposite Spielberg in every way, and if he signs fans will be pleased.

(And for those against remakes, I’ll remind you: The Departed won Best Picture in 2006, despite being a remake of popular Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs.)